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Safety Signs

"Glow In The Dark"

What are Photoluminescent Signs?

Put simply, photoluminescent signs are signs which “glow in the dark”. Once darkness falls, they glow. This makes them easy to see in the absence of light.

However, these signs don’t glow by magic – there’s a science behind it all. Photoluminescent signs are illuminated by the action of photoluminescence. This occurs when energy in the form of light (i.e. photons) is absorbed from the surroundings. A special coating both absorbs and stores the energy. Once it gets dark, the stored energy is re-emitted as a luminous glow.

  • What lighting levels are required to charge photoluminescent signs?
    In accordance with the US standard UL 924, the minimum level of lighting required to charge a photoluminescent sign is 54 lux. This should take about one hour to fully charge. If the ambient lighting is greater than 54 lux, the charge time should be even less.
  • How do you turn on photoluminescent signs?
    Photoluminescent signs do not need to be turned on. However, you must ensure that there is sufficient light energy for the signs to remain charged. The signs are effectively always on once enough energy has been absorbed. My Ez Signs will glow at maximum brightness for 2 hours. However, they should continue to illuminate at a diminished rate for several hours after.
  • Are photoluminescent signs bright enough?
    Yes. Photoluminescent signs meet or exceed the minimum international requirements for emergency signage.
  • Are photoluminescent signs safe?
    Yes. Photoluminescent signs are non-toxic and non-radioactive. They do not require special handling. My Ez Signs’ products have all undergone the required safety tests with regards to the use of photoluminescent and yellow ink. Based on the tests, all signs comply with the legal limits.
  • Are photoluminescent signs reliable?
    Yes. Photoluminescent signs have a proven track record and have been in use for many years. They have no moving parts and once they are charged via a light source, they are reliable for year to come.
  • Do photoluminescent signs need maintenance?
    These signs are almost maintenance free. However, they should be regularly inspected. Dirt and debris can be easily removed with a cloth.
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